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Water Technology Advisory EU (WTA EU) covers the water sector in Italy, supporting Danish companies entering or expanding their existing activities in this market. WTA EU works on several levels, primarily building relationships with Italian water companies and authorities, but also facilitating government-to-government cooperation on long-term regulatory development. The focus is on Denmark's strengths in wastewater treatment, water distribution, groundwater management and sewerage systems, as well as the potential to optimise energy use and digitalisation within these areas.

To support Danish companies in Italy, WTA EU gathers information on market developments, makes on-site visits to identify relevant stakeholders and organises knowledge exchange opportunities to promote Danish water solutions in Italy.

Water Technology Advisory is represented in 18 different countries, including Italy. With its global setup, WTA ensures global knowledge and the ability to share experiences across different markets.
With a water technology background and in-depth knowledge of the Italian water sector, our specialised team in Italy can guide you through the local market and contribute to creating awareness of the unique Danish solutions.