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Food & Agriculture

From agriculture to Ho.Re.Ca, the Italian agri-food system accounts for 15% of the national GDP, ranking first in Europe for added value. A sector that for Italy also represents its reputation in the world, thanks to a unique focus on quality and the market power of the “Made in Italy”.

However, despite its importance, this segment is threatened by objective difficulties, such as the shortage of raw materials, the lack of resources (water, soil, energy) and the costs of inefficiency. For these reasons, the government has launched a series of initiatives, which together with the CAP and the Recovery Plan funds, will aim to improve the sector through investments, the purchase of new technologies and training for operators.

The Embassy supports Danish solutions, assisting companies in entering the Italian market, positioning them as key drivers for a more sustainable and efficient food system. Our approach includes not only a close engagement with private players but also with public authorities and business associations, with the possibility to provide unique insights and market opportunities.

Seeing that the agro-food sector is incredibly transversal, we are also carrying out ambitious projects in energy productions, smart irrigations, tech and robotics - thus expanding the potential for Danish strongholds.

If you are interested in knowing all the opportunities in Italy for your company, you can reach out to our sector Expert Francesca Zaccarelli who has more than 10 years of experience in the field .