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The investments related to the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (+ EUR 70 Billion for the Green Revolution and the Ecological Transition) and complimentary EU/National funds, along with the urgency for reducing (Russian) gas import and increasing national energy security are the driving forces of the new Italian Energy Scenario and Strategy. On top of these challenges, the hydroelectricity decrease experienced in recent years suggests this is no longer a reliable renewable energy source due to the highly volatile climate conditions and increasing temperatures (and subsequent drought).

Italian cumbersome and extensive permitting procedures are among the main challenges claimed by foreign and local investors and green developers. However, a recent national strategy has a focus on speeding up development of renewables and limit local public and community opposition. The Italian Ministry for Environment and Energy Security has committed to creating the right regulatory, market and supply chain conditions to achieve a yearly installation rate of 10 GW/year of new renewable projects, while sustaining a green production of gases – biomethane injection of up to 2,5 Billions scm/year by 2026, and Green H2 to cut hard-to-abate industry and innovate the maritime fuel sector.

Within this scenario, the Energy Team operates to build up enriching cooperation platforms between Italian and Danish stakeholders in the most strategic energy subsectors for Italy:

 - Energy Efficiency in Buildings to increase building performances and electrify heat demand in the residential and tertiary sectors;

-  Agri-photovoltaics as a new model to decarbonise the agriculture sector and innovate agri-food business models;

- Onshore Wind Repowering and Retrofitting to increase performances of existing, aging power plants (11.7 GW, overall installed power capacity for onshore wind);

- (Floating) Offshore Wind as a new market, technology and supply chain to be developed in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy;

- Biomethane production to diversify national gas demand and stimulate circular economy models;

- Green Hydrogen and P2X to test, improve and develop new technologies and national supply chains and address national targets.

Through a tailored assistance, the Energy Team can support Danish companies by providing strategic insights, stakeholders engagement advisory, market analysis and public affairs counselling.  

If you are interested in knowing all the opportunities in Italy for your company or need help tackling market, regulatory, commercial and technological challenges, you can reach out to our team, which has a strong technical and business consulting experience in the Italian energy markets and is specialized in EU legislation, international trade and Public Affairs.