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In recent years, the Tech industry has proven to be a very dynamic segment of the Italian economy. Several sectors of the digital market have in fact registered significant growth: ICT Services, Cloud, Digital Content and Advertising, ICT Software and Solutions.

The post-pandemic marked the beginning of a completely new scenario for digital, in which the competitive, regulatory and political aspects converged within a new strategic vision that put digital transformation at the heart of the economic evolution of the near future. For the first time, new technologies are not only seen as a tool for the economic development but also for a positive environmental impact.

In Italy, digital Transformation is one of the top priorities for both the public and private sectors at local and national levels – mainly as a consequence of the conspicuous investments destined to the Digitalisation of Public Administration and Businesses as part of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The main aim is on one hand to foster the digitalisation of the Italian public administration so to improve effectiveness and, on the other hand to encourage the digital transition and the innovation of the production system in order to to boost the competitiveness and the productivity of the country.

Italy has already made tremendous progress so far with strong ambitions for a valuable digital transformation of both its companies as well as public administration. For the forthcoming years, an even more sustained increase is expected, with a market that could exceed € 87 Billion in 2025.

For these reasons, and considering that Public Administration is currently the biggest contractor for all EU countries, investments and reforms span across sectors and can really benefit Danish businesses working in all segments of technology.

Furthermore, the current geopolitical situation has increasingly put focus on Cyber Security, which has become a strategic priority - both within the public and the private sectors - in most countries including Italy. The Government is focusing efforts on enhancing measures to counter cyber attacks. In 2021, the National Cybersecurity Authority (ACN) was established with the aim of protecting the national cyberspace and implementing the Country’s first Cybersecurity strategy.

If you are interested in knowing all the opportunities in Italy for your company, you can reach out to Vanessa Lista who has 15 years of experience in working within public affairs, market analysis and business development.