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How does web accessibility matter to your business?

17th May 2018 TC Italy co-hosted an event about web accessibility with the firm Siteimprove. A fifth of all people can't access standard websites, and the focus of the day was to showcase the potential of making websites convenient and accessible for all.

For the last 100 years the most successful business models have been about using new technology to make everyday lives of people easier – convenience is the key word. The winner in business is seldom is the one with the most complicated user-interface. The shift from horses to cars is a case on point. More lately think about how Apple with its iPhone disrupted several industries: PC, Landline Telecommunication – try to find a payphone today! GPS systems, healthcare monitoring and some even argue the car industry because of car-sharing apps. With the analogue example of accessibility to websites TC Italy has co-organized with Siteimprove, global leader in web-site usability, an event at Ambassador Erik V. Lorenzen's Residence to mark the Global Accessibility Awareness Day 17 May. Today's event shows why it is vital putting energy into making web-accessibility faster, easier and more convenient.


Add to this that due to ageing populations and people with impairments – today 20 per cent of all people have difficulties in using a standard website. Apart from having the noble aim of making life on the Internet more convenient for all, today's event has the added merit of demonstrating that any company who listens to what customers want may easily win over currently underserved customers and disrupt existing business practices.

Similar events about web accessibility have or will take place throughout the rest of the TC region of South West Europe, i.e. Spain, France, and Portugal as a part of regional cooperation with Siteimprove.

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