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Sustainable Cities are key Determinants of Health

The Embassy hosts the third Danish/Italian forum on Urban Health in collaboration with Novo Nordisk Italy, on 4. december 2018 in Rome.

Healthy living is about quality of life and life expectancy. Today more than 4 billion people – 54% of the world’s population - live in cities, which has caused severe health inequalities and a rise in social and economic costs to society (World Bank/WHO).

The health determinants of an individual can be caused by many different factors such as physical and mental health, social, economic and cultural origins. All of these factors are to be considered when local authorities, policy makers, civil society and companies address the common goal for better health.

In addressing some of the key determinants of health, the Embassy, in collaboration with novo Nordisk Italy launched the Sustainable cities promoting urban health forum in 2016. The focus of the forum is to shed light on and discuss solutions to the challenges of improving health in urban environments.

The first event was held in 2016 in Rome, and involved government officials and civil society with an aim to raise awareness of health inequalities and the increase of chronic diseases in metropolitan populations. In 2017 the event was hosted by the Municipality of Turin, and in 2018 the forum will once again take place in Rome in close collaboration with the municipality of Rome and the Organisation of Italian Municipalities (ANCI). It will be based on the Embassy´s active participation in the ‘Italian Urban health’ workgroup, promoting urban health for all regions in the country.

During the second meeting in the workgroup, held this year on July 3rd, key note speaker Ninna Thomsen, Health and Care Mayor of Copenhagen, presented the case of the City of Copenhagen – “Enjoy life Copenhageners”. Thomsen, among other things, stressed that the achievement for improving health, is all about taking a collective ownership through the interaction of private and public institutions, with a common commitment for better health.

See the full programme of the forum here.